Sep 15, 2018

003 – Spiritual Experience vs. Spiritual Awakening

Welcome back to She’s Awake…living life with truth, purpose and passion. I hope you have found joy in looking at the some of the shifts you are ready to make in your life. It really is exciting and I am excited for you.

Today I would like to share just some quick thoughts about spiritual experiences and having a spiritual awakening. They are not the same things yet both are wonderful and build off each other.

A spiritual experience, based on my journey, is a series of feelings and situations where I can feel God’s love, receive truth, and know that there is a higher power watching over me and the situation.  I have found that spiritual experiences are generally short and eventually the impact fades with time and maybe even within moments.

Now, these experiences are important for the spiritual seekers because these are very motivational and help to keep us on our path to awakening.

For me a spiritual awakening is something different from a spiritual experience. An awakening changed my life as I knew it. I became more aware of Spirit, I can see and feel and experience things in a different dimension…the spiritual dimension.

Often times those who teach in the spiritual dimension talk about the 6th chakra or the 3rd eye. This is when you can “see” in the world of the beyond, feel emotions and vibrations unique to the higher form of light and knowledge, and commune with angelic beings of light.

When you are awake you will generally be more aware of your souls’ mission on earth and feel how your life is being guided constantly.

This is not an absolute by any means, each individual person is given access to the spiritual realm in different ways. I’m just describing what has been my experience.

Whether you are experiencing an awakening or a series of spiritual experiences both are in harmony with what is best for you in the present moment. Just because I am spiritually awake doesn’t mean I don’t have spiritual experiences. I DO! I love the feelings of love and support from the heavens in all the diversity God has placed on this earth.

Stay open to the ways God can speak to you and perhaps you will be able to awaken to your truth, purpose, and passion all in divine time.

God Bless!

Rachael Dixon - Author

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