Sep 18, 2018

005 – Are You Rooted in Faith or Fear?

Hello Friends!

This episode of She’s Awake has already has a big influence on my life and many others who have reached out to me.

In this episode I’m able to dissect an experience I had when I went on a road trip with my kids. We were traveling on a hot summer afternoon and our minivan started to have trouble. In the podcast I go into a lot more detail but for the blog I just want to share a few key lessons I learned from this experience.

First, we are divine beings of light with tremendous potential but here on this earth there is so much corruption and negativity that we are filled with a lot of fear. This fear can be the reason we are blocked from receiving revelation and direction from God.

If you are approaching the thrown of God in the spirit of fear know that you can ask for that fear to be taken from your body, mind, energy, heart, and spirit. Then you will be able to access the great faith that is innately in you.

Second, God desires to bring power down to earth through you. This is done in is His wisdom and timing. You may also be given the opportunity, as I was, to directly work with angles who are sent from God to assist you. This is harmony between heaven and earth…both working together to bring to pass miracles and blessings in your life and in the lives of others.

Third, when you receive the power and signal from God to move forward on your journey, move forward with confidence. If fear becomes a part of your thought patterns, that’s just a sign to dig a little deeper into your fear. Ask yourself these three questions again:

What am I actually afraid of? (I call this question the “get real with yourself.”)

What is out of balance right now?

What did my soul want to learn from this situation?

These questions help to give you a foundation which to work off of as you are seeking for guidance in your life.

I love that Deepak Chopra said this, ““Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

I certainly want to be a pioneer of the future because my future is bright as I open up to my true self and experience the correct patterns of divinity. It’s glorious!

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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