Oct 01, 2018

006- Is your heart ready to receive the Prodigal Son?

This episode was such an eye opener for me because I realized that I had some pride and self-righteousness that I needed to address. 

God took me through the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke Chapter 15) to show me how important it is to have a heart ready to receive change. The change is in yourself and others.

For example, in the parable of the Prodigal son, the younger son leaves him home with his fortune and squanders it very quickly. He finds himself in trouble, hungry, and wanting to return home to his father. He’s so ashamed and embarrassed of the choices he’s made that all he wants is to be his father’s servant.

As the Prodigal son returns home, the father welcomes him home. It’s incredible to think about being so capable for loving someone who has made so many pour choices. However, the father teaches us to love the person and forgive the mistakes.

The old son can’t believe how forgiving and welcoming his father is to his younger brother. He is jealous that his younger brother was given a feast upon his return and is not made to be a servant. The father in his infinite wisdom reminds the older brother that he has been blessed for his choices but also says how wonderful it is that is younger son who was lost is not found. He’s returned to the fold.

Those of us who have people in our lives who have made tough choices, “left the nest” so to speak will return one day (or at some point in their souls progression. If you have the attitude and heart energy of “I told you so.” or “If you would have only listened to me.” This type of attitude may keep the very people you want to come  back into your life away because vibrationally, who wants to be with a know-it-all?

I hope you will enjoy this episode and look at your heart energy…are you ready to receive the Prodigal son?

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Rachael Dixon - Author

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