Oct 02, 2018

007 – Can Your 5 Senses Deceive You?

I am so sorry everyone…I can’t seem to get this link to work properly. I’ve even tried to change the code but for some reason it’s not cooperating. If you click the blue Podomatic button it will take you directly to my Podomatic link where you can listen to the episode directly from there. Please forgive the inconvenience…I’m still trying to figure out why this one link won’t work right.  

Despite the technical  difficulties, this experiences has been so impactful for me and for many others. Lots of people have reached out and shared how this episode helped them start to see things from a different perspective. I hope you will enjoy this episode as much and I have learned from it!!!

It all started with a family trip to the zoo. We took a stop by the bathrooms before heading out for the day. While we were in line I saw a woman in her mid-20’s who was using a walker to get down the ramp toward the bathroom. Her dress was very thin, almost see through, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and there was a distinct body odder smell coming from her. I was with my three kids and we were all witnessing this. 

I’d love to tell you that I started sending her love and support but my 5 senses got the best of me and I judged her appearance, pace, and body odder. However, as quickly as I went into judgement I realized it wasn’t the true divine me. I began to offer up a prayer for help to return to my true self and understand what God would want me to do in this situation. What happened next was something I hope I never forget.

As I reached to the heavens for help, I instantly felt love for this woman. I started to think very kind thoughts about her and could see that all she needed was compassion and understanding. ALL of my judgement towards her melted away and I just rejoiced at the loving coming into the situation.

In the next moment, I saw other people (strangers) helping this woman into the bathroom. No one rushed her, everyone moved aside so that she would not have to wait in what was actually a long line. I waited quietly for my kids to finish in the bathroom all the while just sending her love.

My kids did not get impatient needing to wait a few extra minutes and all of the other people around me offered what I thought was an incredible display of goodness and kindness.

I can’t say exactly what my energetic impact was on that situation but I can tell you that this dear young woman taught me so much that day. Because of her challenges and her willingness to get up and face the day, I was able to do my part and love her unconditionally. Her clothes, pace, smell, didn’t matter. It was all about sending her love and support which is exactly what she received from a group of strangers around her.

From this experience, God taught me that our 5 senses have been corrupted because of the negative energies of this world. Sometimes we see, smell, taste, touch, and hear things that send us into judgement, pride, control, fear, etc. God has said that if we ask to have our 5 senses changed (and I mean changes) and have them restored to their pure original state, then it will happen. The KEY is to ask for the transformation to take place in your life. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see with our divine eyes, smell, touch, taste, and hear all of the wonderful things the Universe has in-store for us. Unlock your senses…unlock your life!

Please enjoy 007 Can you 5 senses deceive you!

Rachael Dixon - Author

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