Oct 05, 2018

008 Discovering Unconditional Love

When I had this experience that I talk about in my podcast today, I didn’t know if I was ever going to publish it. It was such a powerful and private experience. However, I felt that I needed to be this vulnerable with all of you in hopes that my experience could bless your life.

I was able to do a deep dive with my spiritual mentor, Paul Wellin, and look at some physical pain I was having in my hips. I knew that my pain was just a signal for something I didn’t really want to look at. In my session with Paul, I felt like I needed a guide to go into the ‘pit’ as I called it and help me uncover some deeply rooted false core beliefs.

This experience has been something that has changed the core being of who I am and I know there is still more to learn. I would encourage you to listen to the podcast because the level of detail is much better in the audio version than anything I could write in a short blog.

What I will say about this episode is that I’m grateful not only for the experience of looking at some of the darkest parts of my soul but the light that always comes after. I came to this earth to be an advocate for Light, Love, and Truth but I also learned that there is beauty in the darkness of my soul as well. It’s all about our perceptions and discovering the truth of who we really are.

I am that I am 

I pray you will love all the parts of you and discover for yourself the hidden mysteries of unconditional love.

Please listen to 008 Discovering Unconditional Love and share as you feel inspired to do so!

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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