Oct 15, 2018

010- Preparation for Revelation

I’m listening to the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran while I write this blog entry. I find that the more I follow these inner knowing’s that I have my life is filled with mystery and wonder. God continually teaches me through all sources of truth he has on this earth. The first time I heard this song, I just knew that somehow it was connected to the truth of who I really am. Of course, I also thought I was crazy for thinking such a thought because it’s not logical for a song to speak to your soul on such a deep level. Well…God does truly work in mysterious ways because this song has helped to unlock some soul missions and assignments that I have on this earth. 

Now did God put this song into the hands of Ed Sheeran just for me…oh wow, wouldn’t that be cool! But no, many people have benefited from this song but for me it’s just another way God shows his greatness and diversity of helping us discover our truth, purpose and passion in this life.

So if you get the prompting to listen to a song, do it! If you hear song lyrics in your head, ask why? What is it teaching me? Is there a message? If your phone suddenly starts playing music, pay attention to what is being played. 

So what does Photograph and Ed Sheeran have to do with this blog entry? Apparently, a lot. In the song photograph there is a plea between lovers to remember the special moments they have together while the take separate journeys for a period of time. In the song there is a promise that one day they will remember who they are and celebrate their love.

This is how I feel God feels about me…to remember who I am and that he holds a perfectly captured memory of me, an orchestrated journey back home where time is eternal. 

I feel so strongly that feeling, remembering, and knowing God’s eternal love for us is so important, transformative, and the journey each soul can take. 

Before you step into prayer asking for questions to be answered, stop and just feel the infinite love God has for you. Remember that feeling and go there first. Be filled with pure love and it will unlock the answers you are seeking for.

Please share, comment, and enjoy the 010 Episode of She’s Awake…living life with truth, purpose, and passion.

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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