Oct 28, 2018

011- Use Your Gifts

In today’s episode I talk about a dream I had last night that was a culminating dream from the past few weeks. I’ve really been learning a lot about fear and how it manifests in my life…and yours.

In my life I have been feeling the negative impact of fear and consequently, I ‘ve been hiding. This has given me the illusion of being safe from negativity and persecution. However, I’ve learned that there is NO safety in being afraid of who I really am and it was a false sense of reality. 

Last night I had a dream where I was at a church building hiding from people who were looking for me. These people did not have good intentions and I knew I needed to stay hidden from them. The dream kept building and I was eventually was startled awake by this dream. As I laid in bed the words came into my mind, “Use your gifts. Use your Power.” 

I had a peaceful feeling wash over me and I fell back to sleep only to be taken back to the same dream. This time I followed by counsel given to me…I used my gifts and divine power to navigate the exact same dream. 

I had a completely different experience in phase 2 of my dream. I was able to quietly move through a diverse group of people and feel safe. I came to understand that when I’m walking in faith (using my divine nature and gifts from God), I can move through difficult situations without fear.

This was wonderful when I woke up this morning. I knew I wasn’t alone nor was I being asked to walk alone. I had divine help with me at all times but when I was in fear I couldn’t access that safety and protection.

I hope you will take some time to ask about your divine gifts and divine powers that you can access through faith and walk into the different situations of your life knowing that there is a way to get through it.

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Rachael Dixon - Author

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