Nov 06, 2018

012- Discovering Your Truth Through Prayer

Today on the podcast I shared with everyone that I am going to be launching some E-courses based off of the podcasts. I’m looking forward to sharing more detail about the podcast topics and helping you dive deeper into some of the themes that I talk about. Many of you have reached out to me asking about how to recognize fear, limiting beliefs, and false patterns. I talk about these on the podcast but the E-courses will give me the opportunity to go into more depth and answer some of those questions for you.

On the episode of She’s Awake (012) I talked about some of the learning I’ve had around prayer. How to get answers to prayers? How to get into a space of learning and readiness to receive answers? And how to partner with the Holy Spirit to prompt your mind with inspired questions.

While I was speaking this podcast, it really came through that God is asking us to “grow up” in our communication with him. Not because we are bad or wrong but because it’s time! It’s time to surrender the mundane, thoughtless, and routine prayers and step into a state of enlightenment where you are receiving divine words and experiencing a deeper level of communication.  

As we create a world that is based off of love, truth, joy, divine power, the power through communication is how this can manifest in your life and then into the world. 

God loves our prayers, our pleas, our times of needing His guidance and help…and it’s time that we step out of the chaos of this fallen world and embrace prayer in stillness and revelation. 

Thank you for listening to this podcast and please share with those you feel prompted to share it with.

Rachael Dixon - Author

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