Dec 02, 2018

014- Your Mission Matters

This episode is all about understanding that you matter. You have an unique and purposeful mission. One of the lies in this world is that we don’t matter or that our contribution isn’t that important. The other false core belief is that someone can do our mission better than we can.

In my vision I saw how unique my soul’s purpose was and that I had agreed to take on a lot of responsibility but that I came here prepared to do it. Part of stepping into my soul’s mission was to become (and continue to become) the highest version of myself. This means embarrassing my divinity and true divine nature. Remembering the power, wisdom, and love that I am capable of manifesting…and then going and “doing” what I’m called to do.

It can be really confusing if we get caught up in what we are suppose to be doing when we really don’t know who we are. Knowing who you are includes recognizing what you are not. This is where false patterns come in. Here is what we are not: We are not powerless, worthless, judgmental, prideful, fearfully, and faithless. We may create these patterns and belief systems because of the negativities of this world, but it’s not who we truly are.

Who are we??? We are divine beings of light, love, wisdom, compassion, powerful, unified, understanding, and open to learning from God and from each other. We are both teachers and students of life…ready to expand as our agency and choices align with God (or who ever your higher power is) and we come to know ourselves. 

As you continue to choose into who you truly are…the divinity within you will manifest and you will be empowered to “do” your soul’s mission on earth. Get to know who you truly are and I promise you your mission will soon follow the path of your true identity.

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God Bless! 

Rachael Dixon - Author

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  • Rachael Dixon

    Thank you for listening to this episode. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear how this episode impacted you.


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