Dec 03, 2018

015- Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Life?

This was a very unique message because I don’t normally receive podcast messages back to back like this. I just published my 14 episode called Your Mission Matters and the next day…this podcast topic came through.

I feel like the timing of this podcast is very important because of all the LOUD messages that are out in the world telling you that you are not enough. This can create a feeling that you are not “doing” enough or that you should be “doing” more. 

This can create a hamster wheel like feeling because you are trying to do all of these things to complete you mission but it’s just not either fulfilling or you are still experiencing confusion around…should you be doing more?

I find when I start experiencing the doubt and confusion or concern that I’m not progressing at the rate that I could or should, it’s because I need to spend more thought and heart time and energy with God. When I do this, revelation (pure revelation) comes through and then I can get a clearer path moving forward.

Take time to put God first in your life, this includes meditation, pondering, time in nature, gratitude, and prayer. This isn’t because God requires us to do this in order to receive his love and compassion. This is for US so we are in a space and mindset to receive the revelation we are seeking in our lives. 

There is a reason why stillness is powerful. When we are still, we get replenished to go out and take purposeful and inspired action. This will move every aspect of your life forward. Whether it is your business, your family, your relationships, or your person care…when you are in connection with Divine Source, you know what to do, when to do it, and how to accomplish your mighty mission on earth. 

Thank you for listening to She’s Awake Podcast episode 015- Are Your Feeling Stuck In Your Life? 

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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Comments ( 3 )

  • Afton MacIver

    This podcast was for me. Everything you said described exactly what I was feeling. And the suggestions you gave were promptings I had already received, but I hadn’t accepted them as truth. In some measure I am also blessed with knowing what lies in the future for my family, but I am so much of a doer that I cloud my NOW with busy things. I miss the moments of peace, family and love. So, I just wanted to thank you for putting it in terms that my soul could finally hear. Thank you!

    • Rachael Dixon

      I’m so grateful this episode blessed your life. It’s a second witness to me that the messages from She’s Awake are for this community of people…thank you for becoming you because we all learn from each other. God Bless~ Rachael

  • Shari Larson

    Thanks, Rachael. I actually needed to go back and listen to this again today because I wasn’t ready to hear it the first time. Thanks for the reminder of stillness and listening. I’m heading outside to do that right now! Much love. Shari

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