Jan 06, 2019

018 – Asking Why last

This episode was such incredible learning for me. It came at such a profound time in my own progression, it’s a privilege to get to share some of my learning with you. I’m actually going to write more than I normally do about this topic because there was so much, I couldn’t put it all into a 20 podcast so I’m going to add a few more pearls to the blog.

I’ve gone through some tremendous trials in my life as I’m sure you all have. I so rejoice now at the growth and learning that has taken place in my life but it hasn’t always been that way. Impatience, pride, judgement, fear, insecurity, false belief systems, and doubt has at times plagued my life. When I started to be come awake to my true mission on earth, one of the first things I came to understand is that everything needed to be torn down and rebuilt. Basically, I was going to become a whole new person. In the rebuilding of my life and nature, I’ve learned to listen to the voice of the Divine.

In learning to listen, I’ve been tutored in how to ask questions, which questions to ask, and how to get answers to those questions. I don’t ever want to imply that you have to do anything the way I do it. You do you!

However, if there is anything that I have learned that can help you…then I offer it you.

First of all, I have repeatedly made the erroneous petition to God asking “why” before I ever even looked at the big picture. When I was shown a better way to get to the why, this was so thrilling to me. I am definitely someone who wants to know “why” but I’m often impatient getting there. God does want us to know the why’s in our life but we usually aren’t ready for that answer until we have done the work to get answers to the other foundational questions to any life experience.

One of the common things I’ve gone through is asking God, “What do you want me to do in a certain situation?” There is nothing wrong with asking what you are to do but often times we aren’t prepared in our hearts for what He could be asking us to do. So we ask, “What do I need to change, let go of, expand in, or repent of in order to serve more fully in this situation?”

We all want to jump into the “doing” but more often than not we can’t really “do” until we “become” the pure vessel God is inviting us to be. Now that doesn’t mean we aren’t called in all the time to assist, serve, and answer the prayers of others. God works with imperfect people all day long. However, to the spiritual seeker, I’d invite you to look at who (or how) you can change in order to fulfill the “doing” work your mission requires.

If you feel blocked from your soul mission or you are confused about what you should be doing in your life…spend some time just in the joy of every moment of transformation. That is what you are “suppose” to be doing. Transformation is doing…it is a part of your souls’ mission.

Tying this back to the podcast today about who, what, where, when, and why…asking Spirit to guide you so that you are asking the highest priority question (s) for the situation you are in. When we surrender to the order, we invite the highest form of learning and inspiration into our life. Everyone wants to know “why” but most of us aren’t ready for that answer and are you willing to build a solid foundation so that when the “why” is presented to you, you are ready, able, and willing to accept it?

Thank you for listening to this podcast and reading the blog entry.

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God Bless ~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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