Jan 14, 2019

020- Removing the Scales of Judgement

I hope that you will enjoy this episode and give yourself permission to lay down your false belief that you need to judge yourself in order to change or that you have to beat yourself up in order to fully forgive yourself. This is such destructive pattern as the human family.

We judge ourselves and others and then feel justified in that judgement. I had a dream that helped me dissect this problem within myself so that I could share it with the community.

Here is what I learned:

  1. We have scales of darkness (judgement) over our eyes that trigger us to believe that it’s “ok” to judge people.
  2. If we will turn to God to move this false belief (trigger) we can receive the divine help we need to remove these dark scales.
  3. The more we judge others, the further we move away from our divine nature and who we truly are. This includes judging ourselves.
  4. When the scales of judgement or darkness are removes we have the ability to see ourselves and other with love, light, and potential.
  5. The gift of discernment is a powerful tool to keep us on our path. Please do not abuse that gift by judging or condemning another based on our personal revelation.
  6. Check in with your heart before you take action against another person. If you have the intent to hard, get revenge, publicly shame, or persecute them…you’re not receiving divine guidance. You are falling pray to the belief system that you are justified in condemning another person.
  7. When you have received a personal discernment revelation, wait for inspired action which will be from a pure heart, with no intent to harm (though is may be a to be a voice of warning), and it will be coming from true motivation rather than from revenge.

Thank you for being a part of this great community and I appreciate your willingness to take inspired action and share this podcast as you feel inspired to.

God Bless

Rachael Dixon - Author

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