Feb 04, 2019

023- What Can We Learn About Spirituality From Recipes?

I find that as I continue to explore my inner self and the world of connecting to the highest version of myself, I find that it’s important to take what I know and build on it. Rather than being bound to it. I liken a good banana bread recipe to how I feel about transformation. When you do it enough you begin to have the recipe memorized. Once you have a solid foundation, that when it’s fun to go out an explore other recipes.

Often times, we get stuck in tradition and don’t appreciate the sights, sounds, and wonderful variety all around us because of our commitment to follow the recipe you know yields a certain result.

Even though I know I can always go back to my grass route banana bread recipe, I’m looking for growth opportunities. I’m excited to explore anything that will bring me close to my goal of inner peace, happiness, transformation, and joy.

Here’s to amazing recipes and what they have to teach you!

God Bless

Rachael Dixon - Author

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