Feb 07, 2019

~024 and 025 Interview with Amy Turner

This podcast was so fun to record and discuss with Amy Turner. She is amazing and shared fabulous information about the DRAMA TRIANGLE. This episode is about the different roles we play with each other, getting our needs met, and then communicating.

I highly recommend taking some time to ponder on these questions that Amy brings up in the podcast.

  1. What need is not being met right now that’s causing me to react this way?
  2. What role am I playing in the Drama Triangle? (victim, rescuer, persecutor)
  3. What am I NOT taking responsibility for?

When you have identified you are playing one of the roles in the triangle, you can move into more self-awareness by following this pattern of communication.

  1. I experience you…
  2. This experience makes me feel…
  3. What I want/need from you is…
  4. Are you willing…

Once you are ready to get stop playing a role, it’s so important to take responsibility for your own part and recognize that you were in the triangle because you needed to get some needs met. What are those needs and what is my part in them. Then you can communicate your needs. Beware that once you step out of one of the drama triangle roles you may be persecuted because you no longer want or will engage in the “drama.” You may be accused of being uncaring or distant.

Living a life of truth, purpose, and passion is about being self-aware and present. This episode really helped me with some tools to be able to live that principle more fully.

If you would like to work with Amy Turner, you can go to her website www.nobstherapy.com or Instagram @amynobs or listen to her podcast on iTunes Shattering BS Beliefs.

As always, thank you for being a part of the She’s Awake community!

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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