Feb 28, 2019

027- Progressing Through Spiritual Junior High

I really enjoyed getting to produce this episode because I could laugh a little bit at myself (in good ways) as I share what it was like to go through the awkward, embarrassing, and confusing time of spiritual junior high. I know that for me junior high brought all kinds of changes, challenges, and struggles. Yet, each one prepared me to enter into the next level of learning…and for that I am grateful.

We can get very down on ourselves and even stop our spiritual progression when we are in the “junior high” phase. This is where we start to feel and experience the gap between where we want to be spiritually and where we actually are.

My advice and experience would tell you that this is only a phase and you will get through it…you will gain what you need to enter into a higher level of learning, enlightenment, and transformation. I found that I was so grateful for what I learned in spiritual junior high that it made it all worth it in the end.

I hope you will keep going, keep learning, keep laughing, and stay connected to that inner voice inside of you that says, “This is truly who I am…I’m a light to the world.”

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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