Mar 04, 2019

028- Remember You Are Special

This episode is a reading from a children’s parable called the Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch which is adapted from the book Conversations with God.

When I found out about this book I ordered it right away on amazon and it’s been a delight ever since. I’ve read or listened to it at least a dozen times. It just speaks to my soul.

One of the fascinating areas in my life I’ve been able to understand is this concept that everything is a gift or a lesson to be learned in order to bring you back to your highest vibration. Initially in my spiritual transformation and journey, I resisted this concept because I wanted to keep seeing people in my life who hurt me as villains and the “bad guy.” I wanted to see myself as “right” and they are “wrong.”

This was a hard pattern to break because I thought that if I stopped seeing myself as a victim and forgive others that it made it “ok” for what they did. Over time I realized that forgiveness was for me and that whatever I experienced was a gift guiding me to transformation.

Each person is experiencing their journey and path. In my life, I discovered the more I honor my own path and the path of others, the more I can stay present, calm, and clear…and even remember the soul contracts I have with the people around me.

Thank you for being on this incredible journey!

Much Love and God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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