Mar 09, 2019

029- Life In The Gap

There is a lot of peace that comes when you move through different types of storms. One things that has been an important learning step for me is the times when I can see that God is asking me to lift off the rock I’m on and see things from a different perspective…this is called the “gap.”

The gap is the space between lift and landing. While you are in the gap, you see things from a new perspective, your realize that it’s time to leave the foundation you were on so that you can leap to an even better foundation.

Spiritual progression and transformation is like living in the gaps of life. When you are ready to take a dive into a deeper level of transformation, there will be a space created where you can experience the event in a new way…or see from a higher view point.

Life in the gap can be very uncomfortable because you are between lift off and landing. Be patient with yourself. Look for signs and messages from God. Be open to new learning, and be open to letting go of something no longer serving your highest good.

God Bless~

Rachael Dixon - Author

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