Mar 12, 2019

030- I Hope You Remember To Dance

Thank you for joining me again on the She’s Awake Podcast. Today I felt the message centered on finding JOY! Remember to not take life too seriously and I found that through dancing in my kitchen today.

I have to give a shoutout and thank you to my new friend Jake Woodard ( for being an amazing example of finding joy and dancing…even if you don’t feel like it. I have been feeling some of the burdens of life the past few weeks and when I stopped and checked in using stillness and awareness, I realized I was carrying resistance and shame. I was afraid of what people would think of my “dance moves.”

We can get so caught up in what other people think of us that we forget that there is flow, movement, and possibilities just waiting for us if we will step into the music of life. So thank you again Jake for setting this example for me and our community. Let’s find joy in life, let’s dance to the music, and let’s celebrate your dance moves. If I can do it…you can too.

For past episodes, please visit If you haven’t listened to the podcast episode with Jake Woodard, I’d encourage you to listen and follow him on Instagram @_jakewoodard or Facebook.

I want to start a running list of your favorite music and why it helps you find joy in life…so I’ll start. I love!

  • Thunder by Imagine Dragons
  • Chances by Backstreet Boys (don’t judge…haha)
  • Grace by David Tolk
  • Come As You Are by Nathan Pacheco

Send me an email or shoot me a message through Instagram or Facebook and I’ll add your favorite music to the list. We can create a playlist for She’s Awake!

God Bless

Rachael Dixon - Author

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