Mar 09, 2019

029- Life In The Gap

n this episode of She's Awake I talk about a concept I call, "Life In The Gap," which means the space that is created between two solid foundations. Often times we need to leave the foundation of one experience and jump on to another foundation. The "gap" is the time in which we are in flight preparing to land somewhere...

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Mar 04, 2019

028- Remember You Are Special

This is a unique episode because I take a few minutes to share one of my new favorite books with you. The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch. This is a children's parable adapted from the book Conversations with God. This parable has incredible insights, especially for the seeker looking to experience who they really are....

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Feb 28, 2019

027- Progressing Through Spiritual Junior High

I loved doing this episode because it gave me a chance to talk about some of my spiritual progression and the parts that were awkward, confusing, embarrassing, and necessary in order to advance to the next spiritual level. Looking back I learned some of my greatest life lessons while being in spiritual junior high and I'm happy to share...

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Feb 15, 2019

-026 Lifting Up Out Of The Clouds

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return" Leonardo da Vinci I find that once we take flight on our path to our divine purpose, we encounter lots of different things pulling us back down. However, if we stay true...

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Jan 30, 2019

022- Interview with Jake Woodard

It was amazing to get to interview Jake Woodard today. We had an amazing conversation before and after the podcast. Jake is the real deal when it comes to understanding transformation and soul expansion. I recommend following Jake on Instagram @_jakewoodard for his daily content around his growth story and heart centered content. You can

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